Blue Escapes and Grey Realities

My ‘remoscope’ project centred on my interpretation of George Ella Lyon’s poem ‘Where I’m from’ (Lyon 1999). My narrative developed my escapes from the monotony of life in suburbia to the coast, where I felt a true sense of belonging.

The inspiration for the scenes of day to day life and compositions came from Seamus Murphy in his video work for Eliza Griswold on ‘Snake’ (Griswold 2013). The poems of ‘Snake’ were a collection of poetry from the women of Afghanistan, the visual scenes focusing heavily on the moments of daily life of the poems authors.

Adele Myers ‘Racing Time‘ (Myers 2012) influenced the mix of shots conveying either a representative or interpretive message to the viewer to gain a more individual and insightful interpretation of the events depicted.


Griswold E, Snake, viewed  27th Mar 2016 <>
Lyon G. E, Where I’m from,  viewed  27th Mar 2016 <>
Myers A & Page R, Racing Time, viewed  28th Mar 2016  <>
Seamus Murphey, Snake, viewed  27th Mar 2016<>

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