Where I’m From

My sound project was created using George Ella Lyon’s poem ‘Where I’m from’ (Lyon 1999), as an inspiration to base my sound piece on. The sound piece uses a selection of overlapping everyday sounds that occurred in my apartment. I aimed to convey a sense of time ticking away with a tenebrous background track embodying the general pressures and stress accompanying life.

Jacob Kirkegaard’s 4 Rooms (Jacob Kirkegaard, 2006) was one of my main influences on the sound project, focusing my attention on sounds for my project only found in my apartment . 4 Rooms used recordings in 4 different rooms that were once meeting places in the now abandoned Chernobyl nuclear area. Recording, playing back into the room and re-recording up to 10 times before the sound becomes a steady hum in the background.

I gained inspiration to convey meaning through Else Marie Pade’s early electronic compositions. Else Marie Pade’s aim and ability to ‘use the right sound to express emotions in the most truthful way’ (Else Marie Pade, 2014) pushed me to looked towards using sound to generate certain emotions and reactions from the sound pieces used.


Fonik.dk. JACOB KIRKEGAARD. http://fonik.dk/ ,Viewed: 25 Apr. 2017.

Nordic Playlist. Magma – Else Marie Pade. http://nordicplaylist.com/magma/else-marie-pade/ ,Viewed 24 Apr. 2017.


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