Med101, moving image project

My moving image project was created using George Ella Lyon’s poem ‘Where I’m from’ (G. Lyon, 1999), as an inspiration to base my project on. The project uses cool tones and minimalistic settings along with a variety of both harsh and sterile landscapes to project a feeling of an almost dystopian like environment.

Todd Hido, a US landscape photographer that often focuses on human infrastructure in unsettling environments, provided inspiration for the harsh and sterile setting of the video. I often used Hido’s work as a starting point to visualise and storyboard each scene.
My cinematography stemmed from two filmmakers that regular use environments to further their films narrative.  I emulated Stanley Kubrick’s use of hallways and interior space in films such as A Clockwork Orange (S. Kubrick, 1971), was used to focus the viewer’s attention directly on the subject and further draw the viewer into the environment at which the film is set. Jonathan Glazer’s film Under the Skin’s (J. Glazer, 2013) use of simple sounds and scenes was also used to gain a realistic sense of time and place.

The project aims to keep the viewer visually and intellectually engaged throughout to develop their basis of the projects representations and meaning.


Hido, T, Landscapes. Viewed 30 May 2017.

Kubrick, S. Viewed 29 May 2017

Under The Skin. (2013). (film) Directed by J. Glazer.


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