New Colombo Plan sees more Australians heading to Asia to work and study

The Federal Government’s New Colombo Plan has seen over 40000 Australian students and scholars heading to Asia since its inception in 2014.

Photo: Blake Van Zanden

Deakin University student Haylee Mantell said the New Colombo Plan was a driving force in her decision to study in Asia.

“Without the New Colombo grant, a 3-month internship overseas wouldn’t have been a possibility,” she said.

Mrs Mantell worked in Indonesia on an internship with global marketing firm Edelman.

“Studying an international relations degree, it was worth having an international experience where I could apply my University degree in a work setting.”

In 2018, the New Colombo Plan will accommodate around 13000 students to neighbouring countries such as Indonesia and China. The Australian Government is aiming for the New Colombo plan to become a “rite of passage” for undergraduate students.

Mrs Mantell said that her internship in Indonesia gave her “invaluable experience working in an international environment,” which she said will help her find a graduate position later in the year.

Research from the Department of Education and Training backs up this sentiment finding that studying abroad increases the chances of finding full-time employment post-graduation.


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