Escape from Woomera: revisited and still relevant

By Blake Van Zanden The controversial activist-video game Escape from Woomera has been revisited sixteen years on by art collective Applespiel. The video game was made during 2003-2004 and based on an escape attempt by a detainee at the now closed Woomera Immigration Reception and Processing centre in South Australia. Then Immigration Minister Phillip Ruddock… Continue reading Escape from Woomera: revisited and still relevant


Satire Matters

The age of Trump, fake news and turmoil within Australian politics has spawned a gold rush for satire. From Abbott eating raw onions spawning #oniongate to the coverage of Australia's oppressive gun control laws, satire has provided us with some entertainment and unfortunate truths through a worryingly riotous period in the worldwide political landscape. The recent online media phenomenon that… Continue reading Satire Matters